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Fix Microsoft Minecraft Aka.ms/remoteconnect Error [2021]

Remember playing Minecraft with your cold pizza and beer and then all of a sudden when you are too far in your game, a stupid error occurs, we know it sucks but don’t worry we are here to help you get through it so that you can enjoy your gaming hours without any interruption. Millions of gaming users are playing this amazing program and addicted to this. Minecraft is one of the well-adored games on the internet however the remote connect feature of Minecraft can have some issues. If you are facing troubles with the login part, then try our fix solutions. We are going to discuss in the depth the “https://aka.ms/remoteconnect” Microsoft Minecraft issue. The error link pops up to your screen when there’s an issue with login. It is a very common problem that everyone has faced at least once in their gaming hours. In this tutorial, we will discuss this error in detail to help you out. 

What Is Meant By Https //Aka.Ms/Remoteconnect Error?

The “https & aka-ms/remoteconnect” error is an ordinary error which comes up when you are signing in with your Microsoft account. Recently Minecraft was switched to the Microsoft platform. There are tons of amazing services on this platform. People who have a thing to construct and build stuff enjoy this game immensely. 

This error happens habitually on Nintendo, PS4, and other consoles. You can also stumble across this issue while playing on your computer. In this tutorial, we will try to put the bandage on this cut using different solutions.

How to Fix Https//Aka.Ms/Remoteconnect? (Instruction by Instruction)

In this segment, we will take a glance at “how to fix this error”. Our tutorial is going to provide you with easy and quick solutions to this issue. Here is the wide range of solutions to fix this problem.

1. Crossplay Issue

The solution for crossplay troubles is quite simple. You can catch up with the below-described Instructions. It will aid you out to bring a splendid gaming experience. Here are the instructions to initiate crossplay smoothly on your devices. 

XBOX Crossplay:

Users who have Minecraft installed on their Xbox devices can download it from the official Xbox store. It is a pivotal Instruction to begin gaming on different devices. Gamers need to have the Minecraft game on either Xbox 360 or Xbox One to play it through remote play feature.

  • To access the remote play code, Gamers have to visit the following link – https://aka.ms/xboxsetup. You can get it out from your Xbox browser. The above site will display the code for the remote play feature. Users need to have an activated Microsoft account running and up. Users have to log in with their free of cost to use Microsoft account on this website. It is a crucial necessity on your Xbox.
  • It is qua login issues remote play on your device. We recommend our users to visit the following link – https://aka.ms/remoteconnect. Go on to this link from the device using which you want to try the remote play plug-in. You need to have a working Microsoft account to work with this amazing feature. Login through the free account or create a new account.
  • Users have to enter the remote play code, which is right on your Xbox screen. The website will load the Minecraft game directly once you hit this code in the text area.

Amazing right! The above is the working Instructions to get the remote feature up and running. We hope this solution fix the issue you are facing with the website. It works smoothly for Microsoft Minecraft.

2. PS4

For the Gamers who play on PS4, the Instructions remain quite similar and constant to the XBOX device. Here are the instructions to fix any troubles with the PS4 platform.

  1. The first Instruction for users is to begin by visiting the PS4 store. You can click on the download option and then let it load on the server. Download the Minecraft game on your PS4 device. At least on one of the devices, the user must have the paid version of Minecraft downloaded and installed. It is only then you can activate the remote play features.

2. When the game loads, the PS4 version of the game will give you the option and ask you to login using a Microsoft account. Tap on this option and sign in using your email and password. Once the process gets over, you can get the remote connect data feature.

3. Users can simply keep the code from the PS4. It is a compulsion to run the remote play feature. We suggest it to everyone who wants to play on multiplied devices. Attempt it on your computer or mobile device. Go to the remote connect website to solve the issue.

3. Saved File Problem

Saved file troubles are a common problem with console users. You can fix this problem on your device very easily. Here are the instructions you should try out.

  • The necessary information will be given by the storage settings on you. It is pretty simple for PS4 users. You have to tap on the gear icon and select storage. The saved files will be available there. It is quite similar in the case of the XBOX users as well.
  • Corrupt saved files are a huge setback for people who want to use the remote play feature. You can delete these files and cache to start from scratch. We recommend having a backup in case of failure ready for users who have content ready.

You can try using the remote connect feature again after removing the data of the saved file. It is great for your daily needs.

What Can Cause The Problem?

There are a few possible genuine reasons why you will face this trouble. Some of the most common reasons are as described below. 

1. Change of Devices

Minecraft is providing a platform to enjoy crossplay services to its users. It implies that users can use one account across all the platforms. It is a simple yet very effective method of gaming on your devices and consoles. When you switch the device, it can be ineffective. Users can face issues with their login module. The software might get some glitch and cause obstacles. Device change is one of the main reasons behind this common issue.

2. Corrupt Game Data

The files of the gameplay a pivotal role for many users. A corrupt game data is going to serve you tons of issues on the platter. It can be a problem on all of the platforms. 

You can check the type of data which is creating the problems through your device. For PC users, it is quite effortless to fix this issue. Reinstallation can be a quick solution however not suitable for the long term goal. Sometimes the saved files can also get corrupted with time. That is going to cause some troubles while opening your progress maps. It is advisable to make regular backups.

These are the main two reasons why users face the Microsoft Minecraft issue. It can persist as a long term problem if you don’t rectify it right away. The process is very simple yet effective for users.

Final Words: Aka.Ms/Remoteconnect

The https://aka.ms/remoteconnect error is quite common and habitual for many users who play Minecraft. We hope our words were able to answer all of your questions and troubleshoot your problems. There might be different answers to a common problem. 

Now you can easily enjoy the uninterrupted Minecraft game from anywhere. The fix works with the Minecraft bedrock edition too in case you are looking.

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