Amazon Prime Day Sale

Amazon Prime Day sale stopped in India, here’s the reason

Due to the pandemic of the virus, Amazon India has to stop its Amazon Prime Day Sale. 

CNBC recently announced it and later Amazon also confirmed that This time Amazon Paused Amazon Prime Day Sale. The Prime day sale launched by Amazon annually and most probably in July month.

Amazon Prime Day Sale offers the best deals on electronic products, cosmetics, speakers, echo tv and much more. this Sale is held for two days in the month of July. In this sale, prime members get the fast shipping facility as well as some extra discount on the products too. 

Realme Smartphone makers have postponed its new phone launch due to this pandemic in India, Realme X7 Max is going to launch in India and its event is organised on May 4 2021, this Realme X7 Max is puffed or re-brand Realme GT Neo and a Realme TV also going to be launched in this event. 

Madhav Seth, CEO of Realme India, has tweeted that they postponed the Realme anniversary celebrations and postpone the upcoming event.

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