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As the online classes running in schools, schools must reduce the fees: Supreme Court

For the last one year teaching has gone online in colleges, schools and other institutes. By noticing this Supreme Court asked educational institutions to reduce the fees as their in-house running cost has come down due to online classes, and schools are shut down over the last year. 

The Supreme Court Justice Khanwilkar noted that the maintenance cost of schools such as electricity, petrol, water cost, stationary, water and petrol/diesel cost have come down due to schools are closed.

SC stated that particular fee for facilities not availed amounts to “profiteering and commercialization”, adding “overheads and operational costs so saved would be nothing, but an amount undeservedly earned by the school without offering such facilities to the students.” 

the Supreme Court directed Rajasthan private schools that deduct 15% of the annual school fees for the session 2020-21. The SC is hearing an appeal registered by some private schools of Rajistah against HC order supporting the Rajasthan government’s regulation to schools to give a deduction of 30% in fees. Looking under that rule, the SC said that the appellants are justified in claiming the government order.

On Monday, SC gives an official order to all the private unaided schools of 36,000 Rajasthan that they have to maintain the proper accounts book to which would be examined and set up the school level fee committee of nine members. They too declare that there was no illegality in the law. 

The Committee formation is like Five parents, Three teachers, and One principal.  

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