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The craze of watching newly released movies from the comfort of home inside your cosy blanket is irresistible and the idea of it makes everyone swoon, however, not everyone can afford the subscription fee of the branded legal platforms like Netflix and Amazon prime and that is why most of the movie-fans rely on the pirated content uploaded on the internet by different sites. Torrent sites are the most famous tool used by the majority of people to view their favourite content. The most confusing part in the world of torrent is to find the right and real torrent site, and that is why we recommend Hiidude.

 What is Hiidude movies?

Hiidude movie is a movie piracy site which streams movies for free online. Movierulz owns Hiidude which is one of the best movie piracy sites in India famous for its monthly traffic and viewership. The appearance of this site looks the same as that of the Movierulz. This site provides the bulk of different kind of Hindi movies, Telugu movies, Tamil movies, web series, 80’s songs, English movies, dubbed movies and Malayalam movies along with the several different kinds of web series, these contents are provided with proper torrent, magnetic link, also a trailer, posters, reviews are shared to enhance the experience on the site.

Is it legal to surf Hiidude in 2021?

Hiidude movie is a torrent pirated movie website which provides movies for free of cost. Piracy is a crime in the eyes of the Indian Government and a punishable offence. A person utilizing such website or suggesting the usage of the website are subjected to the court and can face imprisonment up to 2 years and a fine of 20000 rupees. According to the piracy law and violation of copyrights rule of the Indian government, all such websites are banned and illegal to use.

Features of Hiidude

Let’s talk about the amazing features of Hiidudde website which makes this so popular among youngsters.

Ultra-fast downloading

There are many torrent websites in the market but this website is particularly known for giving an ultra-fast download feature to the users who are trying to download their go-to movies.

Movies available in high definition quality

All the movies present on this website are available in complete super HD quality. Users will always enjoy watching the movies downloaded from this website as they don’t have to struggle by watching low quality crappy movies. An option is provided before downloading for the type of quality.

Complete package of south Indian movies

If you are a fan of south Indian movies, then this website is made for you specially. Whole package of south Indian movies is available on this torrent website. Separate categories to browse from are also available there.

Live streaming is applicable

Very few websites have the facility of live streaming available on their torrent website and this is one of the good one, If you don’t want to download movies and want to save space, then you have the option of live streaming. You can get any of your favourite movies and watch them online.


The audience of Hiidude search for their target movie using the wide range of category when they visit any torrent website. If you are looking for a movie by targeting the categories on this website, then you can give a look at some fantastic categories here and below is the list of categories on Hiidude.

South Indian movies

The craze of south Indian movies all over India is spectacular, they are hilarious, they are witty, they are everything, and hiidude makes sure that you get every south Indian movie you look for.

A to Z collection of movies

Almost every movie ever released in South India, Bollywood, Hollywood etc. are served here on this website. You can directly access the category of A to Z movies and there in a second you would get the whole list of movies from different parts of the globe.

Tamil movies 2021

You will be able to get the category of Tamil movies 2021. All the new and trending released Tamil movies are uploaded here for download in absolute HD quality. You can search the name of the movie by using the search box and in a blink of the eye; the movie will be playing right in front of you.

Telugu movies 2021

If you are fond of watching action-packed Telugu movies, then you can search for the movies in this category.

Telugu movies that are released in 2021are available under the name of the category of new Telugu movies.

 Bollywood movies 2021

Bollywood is not only loved by Indians but it has high popularity all over the world, everyone adores bollywood and it’s tough to wait for newly released movies, with hiidude wait is finally over, now you can watch trendy movies from the comfort of your home.

Web series

The curse of paying hefty subscription fees has finally been lifted, now no need to disturb your monthly financial plan to watch your lovely web series on a branded platform, with hiidude you can browse through different categories and genre.

Hollywood movies

Everyone loves Hollywood movies; the different and completely peculiar perspective brought on table by Hollywood is spectacularly exciting, isn’t it? But don’t you think the prices of movie tickets for English movies are extremely overpriced, with Hiidude your wallet can take a breath of relief because now you can stream and download the best of Hollywood movies for absolutely no cost.

The Best 25 Alternative to Hiidude

In case Hiidude isn’t what you are looking for in your favourite torrent website then don’t worry we have handpicked 25 best alternatives to hiidude to give you the best service.

Sl No.Torrent Website Name 
1The Pirate Bay
4ETTV Torrents
7Torrent Galaxy
8IP Torrents
11Torrent Downloads
16Sky Torrents


It takes efforts of thousand people to create content, there’s sleepless working hours, stress and a lot of hard work behind every masterpiece and every time someone uses pirated content, these people faces serious loss, that is why we do not encourage piracy however if you still walk down this path we have provided you the information of one of the best site from where you can download the best content for free and in case this site “hiidude” is banned at your location then we have provided you with best 25 alternatives to switch with however we again would like to remind that piracy is a punishable offence.


We would like to advise our audience that this page is only for educational purposes and we do not bear responsibility for any personal damage or loss done by following these instructions. This site is a pirated torrent site which contains movies and songs which violates copyright issues ,and piracy is a punishable offence, uploading or downloading pirated content can lead to serious legal troubles, we highly recommend use of legal platforms such as Netflix , Amazon prime etc for source of entertainment.

Punishment for piracy is imprisonment up to two years or fine up to ten thousand or both, so viewers should act on these blogs calculating all risk. We just wish the best of entertainment to our viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hiidude

  • Why did the Government ban Hiidude ?

Government banned Hiidude because this is an illegal movie streaming and downloading platform. Moreover, this website violates the copyright issues to products.

  • Is my computer under any threat because of Hiidude?

Hiidude is a pirated torrent streaming website, most of the content on this site is copied and not scanned of malicious viruses so yes your computer is under threat.

  • Do I need to sign in with an account to access the services?

Absolutely not, there is no need to sign up with an account to access the content of this torrent website. This website can be accessed without creating an account or going through the sign-up procedure.

  • Are songs available to download from Hiidude?

A big yes, this is a huge portal where you will find all the albums and songs which can be downloaded in a superior quality to enhance your music experience.

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