Paytm gas cylinder offer

Check How You Can Book Your LPG cylinder at Rs 9 before 31st May

As the household items are getting expensive day by day, here we got some relief on the LPG kitchen gas cylinder that is worth up to Rs.800 in every state.

By ordering and paying the payment of the LPG gas cylinder from Paytm, you can now save many bucks by ordering LPG from Paytm.

Paytm gives a bumper offer to all its customers, Under this offer Paytm has offered huge cashback to its customers where they can get a gas cylinder of Rs 809 for only Rs 9.

You can only take advantage of this offer till 31st May 2021. This offer is valid for the consumers who will book LPG cylinders from Paytm and Pay through Paytm only. After the cylinder booking, you will win a scratch card that is worth up to Rs.800 cashback. You can avail of this offer automatically when you first time booked the LPG cylinder through Paytm. This offer is valid on the Payment of Rs.500 and above only. After the payment you will get a scratch card in that cashback amount limit is from Rs.10 to Rs.800, this scratch card is valid till the next seven days of the payment so you have to open that scratch card under the seven days only.

By following this you can use an opportunity to get bumper cashback in your Paytm account, First, you need to download the Paytm Application or If you have then Go to Recharge & Pay bills to option in the Paytm Application and the TapOn Book a cylinder, select Book a Cylinder and select your Gas provider after that entre your Consumer No./Mobile No./ 17-digit-LPG ID and below that select your state, city and then, at last, select your LPG cylinder provider agency. Before booking enter the promo code FIRSTLPG. A scratch card worth Rs. 800 cashback comes in your Paytm account within 24hours of the booking. Use this scratch card within seven days to enjoy this offer.

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