15 May, New deadline for accepting privacy policy terms: WhatsApp new update

Whatsapp scrapped its deadline for the new privacy policy acceptance is 15 May, 2021. WhatsApp faces severe backlash over user worry that its data was shared by its parent company Facebook. 

WhatsApp spokesperson told to new agency news agency Press Trust of India that none of the accounts will be deleted on May 15 for not accepting the privacy policy updates.

Currently Company didn’t disclosed the reason behind this decision and didn’t revealed that how many users accept its privacy update so far. 

In January, 2021 company announces about the changes in its terms of service and public policy. 

“No accounts will be deleted on May 15 because of this update and no one in India will lose functionality of WhatsApp either. We will follow up with reminders to people over the next several weeks,” the spokesperson said in an emailed response to a query on Friday.

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